Orthopaedic Clinical Master Research Program Syllabus 20232024 new.pdfOrthopaedic Clinical Master Research Program Syllabus 20232024 new.pdf

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the essential elements of research in the field of M.S. (ORTH). It introduces students to research methodology and study design, emphasizing the importance of conducting a thorough literature review to inform their research. Students will also learn about research ethics and guidelines for conducting responsible research.

The course covers aspects related to funding and awards, helping students to apply for research funds and explore available opportunities. It stresses the significance of being well-informed about regulations and laws pertaining to scientific research.

Basic introduction to statistics is provided to equip students with essential statistical knowledge for their research writing. Furthermore, the course addresses data analysis and interpretation, crucial for the successful completion of research and dissertation.

Students will learn the art of writing a thesis, understanding the requirements and adhering to rules and regulations. Additionally, the course delves into scientific writing and publishing, providing insights into publishing opportunities and alternatives to thesis submission.

Overall, this comprehensive course aims to prepare M.S. (ORTH) students for conducting effective and ethical research, from the initial stages to successful publication or thesis submission.